Why go 8-bit low-res?

Artist's Statement | Why do low-res 8-bit in 2020? 

Creative limitation helps us explore thematically rich, story-driven games. 

Less is more. With low-res, people's imaginations fill in the detail. They project their own emotions onto the few pixels that make up a character’s face. We stay miles away from the uncanny valley.

I take the same minimalist approach to storytelling. What are the bare essentials needed to reveal character motivation and plot? How can I hoist as much as possible onto player’s imaginations?

How can I use simple game mechanics--including something basic as movement--to transport emotion and meaning?

In the age of digital, why does Christopher Nolan focus on practical special effects and shoot with film? Why does he fight to preserve celluloid? Maybe the same reason communities of people still create games for a console nearing 30 years old. It is something more than nostalgia. 

The '90s came and went. We moved on to 4k, 3d and VR but there are still spaces of possibility we did not fully explore when the gameboy was in its heyday. It's worth going back in time to see if we can do more with less.

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